How does Physiotherapy help with Shoulder Pain and Injury?

We all have had shoulder pain at some point in our life. We notice it while doing some activity when the pain hinders our work. Sometimes it is very easy to handle it, just some rest, massage or a painkiller is more than enough. But sometimes it can turn into a big problem which becomes a barrier to the smooth functioning of your everyday routine. We have mentioned the basic reasons and treatment for shoulder pain.

Here are some basic reasons for shoulder pain-

The very obvious points that cause pain in the shoulder are mentioned below- 

  • Muscle cramps in the shoulder and rotator cuff
  • Arthritis may lead to damage to the bones and cartilage
  • A tight shoulder joint and weakened shoulder blade muscles
  • Sudden damage of the bones and tissues due to accident
  • Poor arm and shoulder blade mobility as a result of muscle abnormalities in the shoulders
  • Poor posture, the stress in the neck and shoulder muscles (common in individuals with poor upper back or neck posture, frequently related to their occupation)
  • Shoulder pain Injury to the arm caused by anything falling on it
Physiotherapy treatment of Shoulder Pain

Physiotherapy treatment of Shoulder Pain and Injury

Physiotherapy treatment for shoulder pain is highly recommended because the doctors diagnose the reason for the pain and ask various questions to understand the root cause. Then, they proceed to the next step where they make you understand how things will turn and what procedure are they going to follow. Inactivity of the shoulder can increase your suffering and stop you from performing routine tasks which you do without even noticing. At dynafisio, we make sure to keep all the processes transparent to our patients so they are aware of their progress and understand what is going on.  

Why Physiotherapy?

There is no doubt that every treatment and way is different and good. But choosing physiotherapy treatment will lead to better results as it is a way where we don’t rely on medications. Physiotherapy can resolve the disease that earlier required surgery. The benefits of receiving Physiotherapy for Shoulder Pain include being able to resume enjoying some of your favourite activities and feeling more at ease and comfortable in your body. 

Exercises to fix shoulder pain

Exercises to fix shoulder pain

Sometimes, the shoulder pain requires some activity and you can resolve the issue with simple exercises. We have mentioned the best exercises to perform at home. 

  • Across the chest
  • Neck release
  • Chest expansion
  • Eagle arms
  • Seated twist
  • Shoulder circles
  • Doorway stretch
  • Downward Dog
  • Child’s Pose
  • Thread the needle


Having pain in the shoulder is quite common; get relief from temporary pains or any major injury with physiotherapy. Physiotherapy involves various practices according to a patient’s condition and requirement which includes manual therapy, cupping therapy, dry needling, chiropractic therapy and many others. Dynafisio is a physiotherapy and rehab centre that helps you overcome injuries with ease. Shoulder Pain Treatment in Gurgaon is now possible with utmost comfort with our various centres and expert therapists.

Frozen Shoulder

Frozen shoulder is a common condition that usually affects the older age group of people. It starts with the pain in the shoulder and slowly leads to restriction of movements in the shoulder joint. Shoulder muscles go into stiffness and affect almost every movement of the shoulder joint, particularly the outward rotation and elevation.

Some of the main causes for frozen shoulder can be inactivity or not using your hand due to any reason like post-fracture, post-injury or any medical condition which leads you to prolonged bedridden. Patients who are at higher risk are those who have diabetes, high blood pressure levels, or muscular imbalances due to weakness. Women and older age groups are mainly affected by this.

The patient will face discomfort and pain around the joint. This type of pain may also get worse at night and cause hindrance while sleeping. He will not be able to do overhead activities like lifting any object from above level, combing, picking objects far away from your reach may also be painful and restricted.

Pain remains for about 3-4 months, it can also happen that patient may feel less pain after a certain period of time but stiffness get worsen after such stage if left untreated and as it is. It can go into the frozen stage from which it is very difficult to reach back to normal ranges.

For such conditions, our Dynafisio Team provides you with our best Physiotherapy Treatment in Gurgaon at our clinic. Our treatment includes; Mobility exercises, stretching exercises and strengthening exercises in later phases. It also includes the assistance of electrical physiotherapy modalities like TENS, Ultrasonic therapy (US), and the use of a moist heat pack or ice pack is used according to the patient stage in which he/she is visiting us.

In the initial phase, the primary goal of the treatment is pain relief which is done through US and TENS. MHP is applied before any treatment in order to release your muscles and enhance circulation so that exercises can be done easily. Mobility Exercises includes every movement in the pain-free range. This is done with the help of a stick. Stick assisted movements like forward elevation, sideways elevation and crossing over in a lying position.

The basic mantra of this phase is ‘Slow and sustained Stretch’ as aggressive stretching can worsen the condition. Pendular exercises in the pain-free range can be done. Finger ladder exercises are also done against the wall.

When the pain subsides, the primary goal of the treatment moves toward gaining back the patient’s normal range. For which all the above exercises are continued and hold time and the no of repetitions for stretches increases. Pulley exercises can be added further. Once the patient gain back its normal ranges can be shifted to light resistance exercises and strengthening exercises.

Thera-band exercises in all directions for shoulder elevation, rotation can be started and continued as per the patient comfort zone. Strengthening for the shoulder with ½ kg weight can also be started for shoulder movements. Upper back muscles hold equal importance while working on frozen shoulder otherwise gaining back your complete ranges may be difficult, for which we perform W-Y-T exercises.

Stretches and mobility exercises are continued even when the patient recovers in order to maintain normal shoulder strength. For further advanced treatment contact us at or visit us at our Dynafisio clinic at your nearest branch.

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