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Jaw pain refers to the ache and difficulty in the movement of the jaw and its nearby muscles. It’s a very common problem and nearly 10 million cases of it are reported each year in India. Jaw pain lasts for a medium duration of up to a few months. It is important to consult a medical practitioner for treatment of jaw pain that may get worse over time indicating an underlying condition. The pain can spread out to other parts of the face like the ears and teeth. It can cause difficulty in chewing, smiling, and clicking the jaw joint interfering with daily life activities like speaking. 

Causes of Jaw Pain

  • Temporomandibular joint and muscle disorder (TMD)- It’s a common reason for jaw pain that affects the hinge joints of the jaw. It can be triggered by an injury to the jaw point, arthritis to the protective disc cushion in the jaw or pain in the jaw controlling muscles. 
  • Toothache– Sometimes, toothache or infections can cause jaw pain. Even dental surgery can inflict jaw pain and Stiffness. 
  • Dislocated jaw– Excessive wide opening of the mouth or any injury to the jaw can cause dislocated jaw. 
  • Neuropathic ache– When the nerves become damaged it can send pain sensation to the brain. This neuropathic pain can cause jaw pain. 
  • Headache– Some people experience headaches that are linked with jaw pain.  However,  there is no clear reason found behind this linkage in any medical research. 
  • Heart attack– A heart attack can cause pain in the nearby areas of the chest, like the arms, back, and neck among others. Sometimes, it can extend to the jaw. So, it’s necessary to immediately visit the doctor when someone feels the signs of a heart attack.
  • Miscellaneous reasons– Some minor reasons that cause temporary jaw pain are mental health conditions, sinus, stress, obstructive sleep apnea, fatigue, and lack of sleep among others.

Symptoms of Jaw Pain

The common symptoms of the jaw and facial pain are:

  • Tenderness in jaw Muscle and joint 
  • Earache
  • Ringing sensation in the ears
  • Jaw stiffness 
  • Headache
  • Popping sensation during jaw movements
  • Facial swelling
  • Fever 
  • Toothache
  • Difficulty in completely opening the mouth
  • Difficulty in speaking

Ways to Investigate Jaw Pain

In most cases, doctors can recommend a Jaw X-ray to determine the extent of jaw pain and injury. Some other imaging Tests to detect jaw pain are:

  • CBCT Scan– Cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) detects underlying causes behind jaw pain. It takes thousands of images of teeth, jaw and other facial bones into a detailed 3D image. So, a healthcare provider can identify the precise cause of jaw pain and its extent.
  • MRI Scans– Magnetic resonance imaging or MRI Scans give detailed images of the jaw bones and their tissues. It shows the positioning of the jaw bones and identifies any kind of swelling. 
  • TMJ arthroscopy– This special test is used to detect TMJ. The doctor inserts a thin tube in the joint and a small camera to get a detailed view of the area. 

Treatment for Jaw Pain

The treatment for jaw pain depends on its cause. So, there are different treatments for jaw pain like:

  • Physiotherapy– Physiotherapy or physical therapy can strengthen the jaw muscles and joints. There are manual therapies, exercises and other posture changes that a physiotherapist can suggest to treat jaw pain.
  • Medications– In the first instance, the doctor will suggest some specific medications. At the same time, some other non-invasive treatments can be suggested.
  • Muscle relaxers– For pain in muscles, doctors suggest muscle relaxers that heal temporary pain. But, it does not help to treat its underlying causes.
  • Botox injections– Some invasive treatments for Jaw pain are botox injections. These cosmetic injections are injected into the jaw to relieve the pain. Its impact lasts for months. If the pain persists, one needs to get another dose of the injection.
  • Diet changes- A doctor or a physiotherapist can suggest some necessary diet changes to relieve jaw pain. It particularly involves eating a soft diet and avoiding hard food items. 
  • Counselling– Some counseling sessions can be useful to know the causes and risk factors that intensify jaw pain. They can identify the wrong behaviour that increases jaw pain like biting nails. 
  • Surgery– In rare cases, doctors will suggest surgery to treat severe pain or any underlying cause of jaw pain. They can suggest open joint surgery to treat any kind of structural problem or joint issues that aggravate the pain. 

Exercises for Jaw Pain

A physiotherapist conducts a physical examination before beginning the treatment. Apart from the custom treatment plan, the Physiotherapist will suggest some home exercises treat jaw pain. But it should be performed after proper consultation. They are:

  • Forward Jaw Movement– A person has to hold a thin object near the front teeth. It should be at a distance of a quarter-inch away from the face and the person has to move the jaw towards the object. They should try to bring the bottom teeth in front of the top teeth while moving the jaw forwards. Later, the object can be replaced with something thick. 
  • Tongue exercise- In this exercise, the person has to slowly open and close their mouth. While doing this, they have to maintain contact with the roof of the mouth and repeat the movement multiple times. 
  • Goldfish exercise– In this exercise, the person has to keep the tongue on the roof of the mouth. Then they have to place a finger on the TMJ and another on the chin then drop the lower jaw and close the mouth. This should be repeated six times a day.
  • Relaxed jaw Exercise- The person has to rest the tongue on the top of the mouth. It should be behind the upper front teeth. Next, the teeth should be rested keeping apart and relaxing jaw muscles. 

Jaw Pain can be problematic and radiate to other facial parts. For this reason, you must consult DynaFisio, a leading physiotherapy clinic in Gurgaon for the best treatment plans. Contact us today for a comprehensive rehabilitation program. 

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