Dry Needling Treatment In Gurgaon

Dry needling Treatment In Gurgaon

An invasive procedure called Dry needling involves fine needle being inserted into the skin/muscle. It can be carried out superficially or at a deep tissue level.

At superficial level, the needles are inserted for 30 secs.
As per the trigger point model, the needling is targeted at myofascial trigger points which may be divided into Latent and Active myofascial trigger points. Active trigger points lead to muscle weakness, autonomic phenomena and restricted ROM. On the other hand, Latent trigger points do not result in pain till they are stimulated.

Once the pressure is applied, Active and Latent trigger points cause hyperalgesia at a distance from the trigger point and allodynia which is at the trigger point site.

The therapist palpates the area with hands in order to locate the trigger points. As soon as the trigger point is detected, a needle is inserted directly into the skin. The therapist might also move the needle around to try elicit a local twitch response. It is muscle’s quick spasm which is a good sign that proves that the muscle is reacting.


A thin filiform needle is used for dry needling. It penetrates into the skin and stimulates the myofascial trigger points as well as muscular and connective tissues. The tissues that cannot be palpable manually are targeted by the physical therapist.



  • Pain relief
  • Improvement in range of motion
  • Reduction in muscle tension
  • Normalization in dysfunctions related to the motor end plates

Dry needling is not everything but an add on to a patient’s plan for treatment for mobility issues, muscle recovery, acute or chronic pain.

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