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Ankle Pain treatment in Gurgaon | Physiotherapy for Ankle Pain

Any kind of pain in the ankle area can be bothersome. The pain can occur at the ankle tendon, or joint. Ankle Pain may last from 3 weeks to 4 or 5 months depending on the extent of the problem causing the pain. It can feel like a sharp or dull ache followed by swelling near the ankle area. Sometimes, there can be stiffness, redness and warmth interfering with the regular motion of the ankle. It is important to visit a medical practitioner to seek treatment to heal the ankle pain.

Causes for Ankle Pain

Ankle pain is most of the times caused by injuries, sprains or strain on the feet or ankle. It is more common among people above the age of sixty-five or the ones who are obese/overweight. Some other causes of Ankle Pain are:

  • Fracture– Any kind of accident that damages the ankle can break the ankle bones or joint. A fracture in the ankle can cause swelling and severe ache that can worsen if left Untreated. 
  • Tendonitis– The tendon is a soft tissue at the ankle joint. Any kind of irritation or inflammation of this soft tissue is called tendinitis. A torn tissue will need immediate medical attention.
  • Infection– There are different types of infection like septic arthritis that can result in swelling, pain and inflammation in the joint. Some infections might need special care and medications. 
  • Gout– It is complex arthritis that can be sudden, and cause severe pain, inflammation, redness and numbness in the ankle. These symptoms can radiate up to the toe and make it hot, tender and vulnerable.
  • Plantar fasciitis– This is a common reason for heel pain or ankle pain that causes swelling on the thick heel band with pain. It occurs more commonly in obese people and runners.
  • Tarsal tunnel syndrome- It is caused by compression of some nerves that pass through the tarsal tunnel that can give pain or tingling in the feet that can trigger ankle pain.

Symptoms of Ankle Pain

Ankle pain can be uncomfortable and interfere with simple activities like walking or running. Some symptoms that help to identify ankle pain are: 

  • Crunching or popping sound from the joint– Sometimes, specific movements made at the ankle joint can give some kind of crunching or popping sound from the bones. It requires treatment from a Physiotherapist to identify the reason for the sound.
  • Instability in the ankle area– The pain at the ankle joint can result in Instability in the ankle area causing discomfort in making foot movements. 
  • Difficulty to walk comfortably – The ankle joint plays an important role in walking, jumping or running. So, ankle pain can cause imbalance or difficulty in making these movements.
  • Swelling or inflammation– A common symptom of ankle pain is swelling or inflammation near the ankle joint. Excessive swelling can indicate any kind of underlying health issue. 
  • Redness– The swelling can often be associated with redness near the ankle joint. But, when there is redness coupled with heat in the joint, it is important to consult a doctor for treatment.
  • Tenderness or numbness- The pain and swelling at the ankle joint can give a feeling of Tenderness and numbness. When the condition persists, it needs immediate medical diagnosis.

Ways to investigate ankle pain

An accurate diagnosis of the precise area of pain and severity of the cause is important for the right treatment. A medical practitioner begins the diagnosis with a physical examination where the doctor touches the ankle and skin around it to understand the positions that trigger pain. If the condition seems complex, a doctor might suggest some imaging tests for the ankle like:

  • X-ray– An X-ray is an initial test to identify a broken ankle joint or any kind of deformity in it. It involves the use of some radiation to get inside pictures of the body without any incision.  
  • MRI– MRI uses radio waves to get detailed 3D images of the ankle including the tissues, joints, and muscles. It gives the precise diagnosis of the problem.
  • Ultrasound– Ultrasound provides real-time images of the ankle to identify the deformities in the ligaments and tendons. 

Treatment for ankle pain

There are different treatments for ankle pain depending on its causes and symptoms like:

  • Medications– In case of sprain and injury on the ankle, pain-relieving medications are recommended by doctors. At the same time, medicines are provided to treat swelling and inflammation.
  • Physiotherapy– After temporary treatment of pain and swelling with medications, the medical practitioners recommend getting Physiotherapy treatment. The special series of activities and physical exercises suggested by Physiotherapists helps to restore the strength and balance of the ankle.
  • Surgery– In a few cases like tendon tear, or when the problem doesn’t improve even after Physiotherapy,  surgery is recommended. 

Exercises For Ankle Pain

The specific exercises to treat ankle pain are recommended by the Physiotherapist based on different cases. But, some simple exercises for ankle pain are:

  • Towel pickup– The person has to place a towel on the floor and sit in front of it on a chair. They need to keep their heel on the ground and try to grasp the towel with their toe. The number of repetitions is directed by the expert. After some repetitions, a little weight can be kept on the towel. 
  • Toe bend– The person needs to place their heels on the floor and make their point forwards. Then they need to bend their toes downwards and hold them for some seconds before relaxing the feet. Again the foot must be bent upwards and holding the position. It can be repeated five times. 
  • Ankle circles- Ankle circles can improve the motion and stiffness of the ankles. The person needs to sit on a chair or lie down. They can begin by turning the ankle gradually on the left side and to the right side. It can be easier to draw shapes like circles and numbers with the feet led by the toe. These small moments are helpful and can be repeated 10 times. 

Before beginning this exercise, it is important to consult a Physiotherapist. DynaFisio is one of the best Physiotherapy clinic in Gurgaon with the best medical facilities for a quick recovery from ankle pain. Do visit DynaFisio and leave the pain behind for a comfortable life in the future. 

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