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Post-Surgical Rehab treatment in Gurgaon | Physiotherapy for Post-Surgical Rehab

Post-surgical rehabilitation is a dedicated branch of medicine. It focuses on enabling patients to regain movement in a specific part of their body after surgery. Surgeries are usually done to treat a particular injury or medical condition that is incurable with other treatments. Post-surgical rehabilitation includes sessions of exercises by an expert physiotherapist. Depending on the kind and severity of the surgery, the Post-Surgical Rehab lasts from a few weeks to a few months. It is an essential follow-up after orthopedic surgery. 

Importance of Post-surgical Rehab

Post-surgical rehabilitation can help to get a quick and effective recovery from any kind of joint, cartilage, spine, heart surgery or any other surgery. Also, it is important for recovering movement from sports or accidental injury. So, a person undergoing Post-Surgical Rehab needs to know that the recovery and regaining of body movement will take time. It starts from the hospital a few days after the surgery and lasts till the patient completely recovers their movement from the surgery. 

A Post-Surgery Rehab can take some time but, can help in multiple ways like:

  • Improves mobility and Enhances range of motion of the body part where the surgery was done.
  • Helps to recover the normal movement of joints
  • Strengthens the muscles and joints
  • Decreases the pain
  • Enables to mobilize hip replacement 
  • Enables to gradually walk again after a surgery 
  • Slowly helps to perform other activities like climbing upstairs or standing straight and doing small chores. 
  • Enhances balance and coordination of the body 

Key points to know about Post-Surgical Rehab

  • It will take a long time as compared to a surgery that lasts for a few hours
  • It is important to consistently follow up and complete the process of post-surgery Rehab
  • Post-Surgical Rehab includes specific exercises and lifestyle changes that are a part of the custom treatment plan by a physiotherapist 
  • The intensity of the progression will gradually be increased.
  • The Post-Surgical Rehab is a way to prevent the problem that would have led to the need for a survey. 

The Stages of Post-surgical Rehab

Based on every individual case and its uniqueness, the stages of post-surgical rehab are:

  • Early phase– It starts from the hospital or as soon as the patient is discharged from the hospital.  The aims of the Post-Surgical Rehab at this stage are pain reduction, decreasing swelling and regaining motion.
  • Mid-phase– After the pain and the swelling are reduced, the post-Surgical Rehab will focus on regaining the normal range of motion, body balance and joint strength.
  • End phase– It focuses on returning to the daily complex activities of life by improving balance and increasing strength.
  • Prevention– The final stage is about prevention and reconditioning. It’s for the ones who are discharged from the post-Surgical Rehab to improve the overall performance of the body.

How Effective is a Post-Surgical Rehab?

Post-Surgical Rehab is useful for quick recovery, better healing, and rebuilding of vulnerable muscles. After surgery, it helps the joints to work at their highest capacity. But, the impact of post-surgery Rehab depends on how much commitment and consistency is maintained in following the custom treatment plan by a physiotherapist. 

Some researchers suggest that after surgery in the hospital, the more quickly one begins with post-surgical rehabilitation, the better is their recovery. It helps for better pain management and decreases the risk of complications after surgery. At the same time, it manages to enhance blood circulation and decrease the chance of the formation of blood clots. To some extent, it will reduce the need to take painkillers and steroids after surgery. 

Some patients experience anxiety after undergoing any kind of surgery that impacts their mobility. So, a post-surgery Rehab helps to improve their strength and mobility, regaining their movement and regaining their confidence. Along with that, excessive swelling can be followed by a surgery that might develop an infection. A post-surgery Rehab helps to reduce that swelling and regains lost stamina. Physiotherapy can use a mix of exercises, heat, ice and electrical stimulation depending on the kind and of surgery for a full recovery.

Why choose DynaFisio?

Surgery is a kind of intervention in the human body and everybody reacts to it differently. Even a simple and minor surgery can have some significant effect on the human body. For this reason, a Post-Surgical Rehab plan from DynaFisio Physiotherapy clinic in Gurgaon is important to make sure that the recovery happens effectively. 

A post-surgical rehabilitation by expert physiotherapists at DynaFisio will help to decrease your pain and fasten the process of recovery. Call us to know more. 

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