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Wrist pain refers to any kind of ache in the wrist area. Most of the time, Wrist Pain is not linked with any underlying condition and can happen due to injury, sprain and many other reasons. The multiple factors causing wrist Pain make it difficult to identify the exact cause behind the pain. Also, the wrist involves eight bones, with ligaments that make it a sensitive part of the body. Wrist pain can make it difficult to perform daily activities like writing, cooking or working on a laptop which can be annoying. 

Causes for Wrist Pain

The temporary wrist pain can occur due to various reasons like overuse of the wrist or fatigue. However, there can be various specific causes of wrist pain like:

  • Sprain– A sprain to the wrist can occur with sudden movements like falling over the wrist or making an overstretched catch in cricket. The overstretching of muscles in the wrist can damage them. So, it can result in pain and swelling in the wrist area. The wrist sprain is common among sportspersons. 
  • Ganglion cysts- There can be the formation of soft tissue cysts on the backside of the palm. It is known as Ganglion cysts can be painful and can become more intense after performing other activities. 
  • Osteoarthritis- It is a particular kind of arthritis that can cause wrist pain. In this, the cushions at the end of the bone can deteriorate with the passing time. However, the impact of osteoarthritis on the wrist only happens if there has been a wrist injury in the past. 
  • Wrist Injury– Another common cause of wrist pain is wrist injury. It can be followed by bruising and swelling that indicates a broken bone or muscle injury in the wrist. 
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome- In carpal tunnel syndrome, there can be a sensation of pain, burning, or tingling in the wrist joint.  In some cases, the person might feel numbness in the palm, wrist or thumb area that will make it difficult to use the wrist for holding or catching things. The pain affects the nearby joints. It occurs when a nerve is compressed at the wrist.

Symptoms of Wrist Pain

The intensity of the wrist pain can vary depending on its cause. But, the accurate area of pain helps to identify its cause and symptoms. Some symptoms of wrist pain that develop over time are:

  • Stiffness 
  • Numbness
  • Difficulty to grasp objects
  • Clicking or crunching sound while using the wrist 
  • Tingling or pin-like sensation in the wrist area
  • Swelling or bruising 

A wrist pain that occurs after performing some excessive activities using is common. But, when the pain gets worse and the swelling or numbness keeps on increasing, it’s important to consult a medical practitioner for it immediately.

Risk Factors for Wrist Pain

Some particular risk factors can intensify risk pain like:

  • Repetitive use– Repetitive use or overuse of the wrist for activities like sports, exercises etc can be a risk factor for wrist pain.
  • Some diseases– Some specific diseases like arthritis or diabetes can increase the risk of wrist pain.

Ways to Investigate Wrist Pain

Initially, a doctor conducts a physical examination of the wrist and looks for swelling, inflammation or any other deformities. Next, they can conduct some specific imaging tests of the wrist to look for some underlying conditions like:

  • X-Ray- An X-Ray for wrist pain is a basic test that enables the doctor to detect the underlying cause of pain, swelling, deformities or numbness in the joint. 
  • MRI- MRI is conducted to identify the cause behind chronic wrist pain. This helps is very helpful to the surgeon before wrist surgeries. 
  • CT Scan- CT scans will help to identify the problems that might go unnoticed in the X-rays. It can take detailed images of the tissues, blood vessels and other internal structures of the body.
  • Arthroscopy- In arthroscopy, a small cut is made and a tiny camera is inserted into the wrist to give inside images of the wrist. This helps a medical practitioner to precisely identify the cause of the wrist pain.

Treatment for Wrist Pain

There are different kinds of treatments for Wrist Pain like- 

  • Pain-relieving medication– For temporary wrist pain, the doctors suggest rest for the wrist. It can be coupled with pain-relieving medicine and an ice pack to reduce pain.
  • Physiotherapy – To heal the deformities in the muscle or bones of the wrist joint, the Physiotherapists design a custom treatment plan with some specific exercises. Also, they can help to identify some wrong postures that might trigger the pain and suggest some lifestyle changes.
  • Injections- Some Steroid injections are suggested to treat swelling and inflammation in the wrist joint.  These infections are used to treat severe pain in the joint for instant relief.
  • Surgery– Depending on the cause of pain, some rare cases require surgical treatments. One needs to understand the potential side effects before undergoing wrist surgery.

Exercises For Wrist Pain

Some common exercises prescribed to patients with wrist pain are:

  • Wrist flexor stretch– This exercise is useful for improving flexibility and relieving pain. The person has to pull their fingers towards the body for a mild stretch and hold for 10 seconds and rest. The number of repetitions is prescribed by the Physiotherapist depending on the pain severity and cause of Wrist Pain. 
  • Tennis ball squeeze- This is a common exercise to relieve pain and enhance the strength of the wrist muscle. The person has to gently squeeze a tennis ball with the palm and hold it for 5 seconds and repeat. 
  • Wrist circle- A wrist circle is prescribed for improving the mobility and flexibility of the wrist and arm muscles. The person has to make a fist with their hand and rotate the hand 10 times. First, the person should rotate their hand clockwise and then anticlockwise. 
  • Extended arm– The person has to extend the arm making the palm face upwards. Next, with the other hand press the fingers of the extended arm towards the floor and then pull back towards the body holding for 10 to 20 seconds. They have to perform this exercise with both hands. 
  • Desk press– The person has to sit and place the arm on the desk facing upwards and hold it for 10 to 20 seconds. It strengthens the muscles of the wrist and the arm. 

Wrist Pain can interfere with daily life activities and may worsen in some cases. DynaFisio is a leading physiotherapy clinic in Gurgaon for the best treatment for Wrist Pain from the expert Physiotherapists and world-class facilities.

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