BELL’S PALSY – How Our Physiotherapists Can Help

Bell’s palsy is characterised as the paralysis or weakness of one side of the facial muscles. It occurs due to the lesion or inflammation in the 7th Cranial nerve i.e. Facial nerve. This causes inability to move the muscles on the affected side or there is loss of facial expression on the affected side of the face like mouth deviation, eye closure, Smiling, all are affected.

It can occur suddenly or may increase gradually within two days or in a week caused by an immune reaction in the body or any infection inside the ear directly affecting the cranial nerve. It can also be ruled out from the Facial palsy as it the paralysis of only ¼ th quadrant of lower face. 

Generally the symptoms on the affected side noted are drooping of mouth and eye, improper closure of eye, lack of smiling to the affected side, loss of frowning, drooping of the corner of the mouth, etc. Fever may also be noticed within 2 days if it is due to infection. If anyone notices any of these symptoms you can reach us at our different branches of Dynafisio – Best Physiotherapy centre in Gurgaon in various sectors 45, 42, and 83. 

Bell’s palsy generally has a good prognosis and is not permanent except some cases it can be completely cured with the help of best physiotherapy treatment. 30% cases who are not cured completely maybe due to late diagnosis but can expect mild to moderate recovery of the facial expressions.

Physiotherapy Treatment for Bell’s palsy at our Dynafisio includes Facial muscles training, Stimulation of nerve with the help of the nerve stimulator which is mandatory in initial case in order to train the nerve again. Facial expressions with the help of Mirror feedback in various task oriented situations is necessary to keep the muscle functioning. Facial massage to drain out the excess and to maintain the contour of the muscles are also necessary. There are many more Physiotherapy interventions that gives the best rehabilitation for such patients. One can expect full recovery in around 8 weeks. For further details contact us at 8929294515

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