Rehabilitation is a process of restoring the person to the previous state, who is suffering from a disability. This process usually starts right after the stroke is occurred and its aim is to recover all abilities of life, which were considered normal before the stroke.

A stroke occurs when the blood supply to the brain is disrupted and brain cells begin to die. Rehabilitation helps individuals affected by a stroke and their families by helping them understand the situation they are in, as well as to cope with symptoms which may include physical, emotional, cognitive, and social effects.

Stroke rehabilitation is the process of recovering or regaining neurological function after a stroke. Stroke recovery includes physical, occupational, and speech therapies. The most common treatment is provided after a stroke by a combination of rehabilitation therapies, other interventions including environmental adaptations, medications and social care.

Exercises for recovery from stroke

Stroke rehabilitation or physiotherapy is a way to regain the lost physical functions of a body that has suffered a stroke. These are vital for the patients to take up normal life again and maintain it. Such patients often feel lonely because they can no longer do the activities they used to do. They need constant professional care and attention so as to get back their strength in daily life including walking, talking, holding things and other simple tasks. The physiotherapist attending on such patients gives them training which helps them slowly get back on their feet and walk again. And it is not just the patient but the family of the patient who experience difficulties in dealing with this catastrophic situation. A physiotherapist is the one who provides professional care to such patients and helps them recover from their condition. They are trained to deal with such cases and give proper treatment to those suffering from stroke or any other illness which causes paralysis.

It is pretty hard to find a physiotherapy centre that aims at correcting the underlying movement mechanics, postural issues and sustaining a lifestyle change all at the same time. The reason being, most of the time physiotherapists are dealing with both hospitals and patients mainly in a curative manner. While, Dyna Fisio physiotherapy clinic focuses on a holistic approach by working proactively. At Dyna Fisio, it’s not just about treating people after their stroke, but also plays an active role in prevention at family level i.e. to make them understand what are the precursor signs of stroke and how to manage them at home.

If you fell victim to a stroke or other brain disorder in Gurgaon and require treatment in your home, you should visit Dyna Fisio Physiotherapy Clinic in Gurgaon. With the most advanced equipment and treatment protocols for post stroke patients, we are amply equipped to provide you with the best possible treatment right at your doorstep in Gurgaon. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide truly personalized treatment solutions while still catering to large patient numbers in a wide range of specialties including stroke therapy.

At Dyna Fisio, we offer effective Stroke Physiotherapy in Gurgaon. Our physiotherapists are highly experienced and skilled to deal with the various complications that might arise during the recovery period of a stroke patient.

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