Dry Needling Treatment In Gurgaon

An invasive procedure called Dry needling involves fine needle being inserted into the skin/muscle. Dry needling physiotherapy Treatment in Gurgaon can be carried out superficially or at a deep tissue level. As per the trigger point model, the needling is targeted at myofascial trigger points which may be divided into Latent and Active myofascial trigger points. Active trigger points lead to muscle weakness, autonomic phenomena and restricted ROM. On the other hand, Latent trigger points do not result in pain till they are stimulated. If you are looking for Dry Needling Treatment In Gurgaon Dynafisio is the name you can trust on.

Cupping Therapy In Gurgaon

Best Cupping therapy in Gurgaon treatment in Gurgaon. During a cupping therapy session in Gurgaon, a trained therapist will begin by assessing your specific needs and concerns. The therapist will then apply oil or lotion to your skin to facilitate smooth movement of the cups. The cups are typically heated using a flame or a specialized pump to create the suction effect. Once the cups are in place, they can remain stationary or be moved gently across the skin, depending on the therapist’s technique and your treatment goals.

Cupping Therapy In Gurgaon

Chiropractic Treatment In Gurgaon

Chiropractic emphasizes the ability of the body to heal itself. It includes manual therapy, mostly involving spinal manipulation. All the problems connected with the musculoskeletal system are treated under it.

We are Dynafisio provide the Chiropractic treatment in Gurgaon, Here we are told about Chiropractic Causes, Symptoms & Treatment. If you have any contact us for Chiropractic treatment. Our Doctors give Best physiotherapy for Chiropractic.

Manual Therapy In Gurgaon

Manual therapy is a kind of a physical therapy performed with the hands in order to put pressure on muscle tissue resulting in decreased back pain which is caused by muscle tension, spasm as well as joint dysfunction.

Manual therapy helps in treating the joints for the treatment of joints that are not adequately mobile. This lack in mobility can result in discomfort, pain, and an alteration in posture, and movement. Manual therapy restores mobility to stiff joints and reduces muscle tension so that the patient can start moving without pain. Visit Our physiotherapy clinic in Gurgaon. Dynafisio. And Get the Manual Therapy treatment

Manual Therapy In Gurgaon

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