This is a condition in which pain occurs in the tailbone. Due to the complex nature of coccyx the pain starts to originate while long sitting and in some cases it also starts when the individual changes from a sitting to standing position. The tailbone serves as an attachment site for various muscles and ligaments. It provides weight-bearing support to an individual in a seated position. Only for this reason, there is increased stress and pressure on the coccyx when person invests long time in sitting position.

Who gets tailbone pain?

  • Obese person
  • Rapid weight loss person
  • Pregnant women
  • long desk job person
  • long standing job person
  • Post-surgery survival patients
  • Bad postural conditions
  • Fall or trauma


  • Pain in tailbone area
  • Tenderness in tailbone
  • Swelling
  • Difficulty in long sitting
  • Difficulty in long standing
  • Low back pain
  • Buttock pain


Ergonomic adjustment

Educating patients on their correct way of maintaining their posture and also teaching them on sitting erectly to let go off the load. We also teach on how to avoid sudden jerky moments.


UST this helps in healing and reducing pain over the tailbone IFT/TENS to reduce pain and sensation.

Manual therapy

MFR, stretching, mobilization and manipulation. Physiotherapy is the gold standard when treating coccydynia and it is successful for 90% of the cases. Here in our Dynafisio we provide all the above mentioned therapies by our best trained physiotherapists. The techniques will be chosen depending on what the origination of the coccydynia is. You can visit our branches nearest to your home – sector 42, sector 45 and sector 83.

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