Are you having pain in your buttocks, thighs or legs or is it going down to your leg from your back? Is the pain troubling you while walking or bending forward? Does it feel like a radiating or sharp shooting pain in your thigh and legs? Are you having numbness in your great toe? Is it painful for you to sit in a car or low seats for a very long time?

If you are suffering from any of these symptoms then it is 90% chances that you might be suffering from Sciatica pain or Disc pain. This pain can be due to many reasons such as disc bulge or Piriformis muscle tightness. Lower limb muscle tightness is very common cause for sciatica pain. 

Sciatica pain if due to muscle tightness or due to Disc bulge can be treated by physiotherapy treatment at our Dynafisio physiotherapy clinic in Gurgaaon. We have a whole lot of physiotherapy treatment techniques designed for every individual according to their goal, complaints and requirements. Sciatica due to disc bulge cannot cure the cause but will definitely prevent from further bulge or damage. Also if it is due to muscular imbalances we can treat on root cause of it to relieve you from this pain and numbness sensation. 

Why to choose Physiotherapy for Sciatica?

  • It can reduce your pain and numbness in your leg and thigh by using different techniques like stretching and electrotherapy modalities.
  • We can restore you to your normal functional activities like bending and lifting weights.
  • It will relieve muscle spasm by various methods that might be compressing your nerve and giving you such kind of pain.
  • It will help you to focus on your particular muscles that needs to be stretched or strengthened. 
  • It can also be used for improving your blood circulation to the desired area without any medications. As increased blood flow will help in better and fast healing of the tissue.
  • We’ll educate you about proper ergonomics and postural advices that needs to be modified related to your work or at home.
  • You can go for long walks and long drives once you are recovered with your symptoms all you need is regular exercises prescribed by your physiotherapist.
  • Foremost importance of our physiotherapy treatment is we choose to treat upon the cause not only on the symptoms. It may take longer time to heal but it treats you without any medication and will give you the long term effects.

Treatments we give for Sciatica

  • Thermotherapy or Cryotherapy according to the patients’ condition
  • TENS or IFT for blocking your nerve pain and to relieve the radiating pain sensations
  • Lower limb muscle stretching for Gluteus, Piriformis, Hamstrings and calf muscle
  • Strengthening exercises for your lower back, abdominal and Quadriceps muscle
  • Traction either manual or mechanical if needed
  • Cupping therapy for better circulation and to relieve muscle spasm
  • Needle Therapy for breaking the trigger points is also a part of treatment 
  • MET for certain group of muscles is required in order to strengthen them
  • Postural and ergonomic advise is necessary in day to day life for the patients who have Sciatica pain, proper habits of sitting, lying, watching TV or lifting objects can play a major role both for your symptom and cause

Physiotherapy Treatment For Sciatica at Dynafisio physiotherapy centre in Gurgaon will benefit you with your symptoms but for the maintenance all the exercises prescribed by your physiotherapist must be continued in order to keep your spine healthy and muscles to be in normal tone. These are the few measures you need to follow which will definitely prevent you for any kind of recurrence of sciatica pain.

For further details or Physiotherapy Treatment For Sciatica contact us at or to make appointments directly call at: 8929294515 or reach us at your nearest location of dynafisio in Sector 45, 51, 83, and 42, Gurgaon.  

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