Postural Neck Pain – Causes and Treatment

It is the most common condition these days particularly due to our lifestyle changes and poor postural habits. This pain may be episodic or can remain throughout the day. It commonly arises insidiously or may increase with certain activities and relieved by rest.

The most common causative factor can be Desk Job, Work from home, poor postural habits while working, prolonged straining. Being the best physiotherapy centre in Gurgaon, we understand the core reasons behind the pain. This kind of pain usually aggravates with further forward neck bending activities. Other causes can be stress, depression, weak muscles, or sleeping in an uncomfortable position. It is not associated with any underlying disease but may lead to many conditions like; Forward neck, round shoulders, cervical radiculopathy and can cause headache.

Pain occurs at back of neck, shoulders due to muscular tightness, upper mid back and may also cause headache. Other symptoms include nausea, vomiting, congestion, neck swelling. Sometimes this pain can also diffuse to your arms if it starts compressing your nerve roots. It usually affects emotional, physical and psychosocial aspects.

At Dynafisio, our Physiotherapy management includes electrical modalities for pain management initially like TENS, IFT, Hot pack, Cold pack depending on the type of pain. Stretching and strengthening exercises are must in these types of patients. Ergonomic advice plays the most important role for the patient who are computer workers with their workplace modification to avoid any kind of recurrence.

Stretching exercises for muscles like Trapezius, levators, pectorals and SCM are prescribed. Front neck muscles are also involved in such kind of neck pain which is usually left unnoticed or untreated. Shortened Anterior neck muscles if left untreated always gives the recurrence of neck pain as only strengthening will not be sufficient. Stretching for Trapezius (your shoulder muscle) and levator (upper back muscle) has to be done necessarily. Similarly, stretching your SCM and strengthening your pectorals holds equal importance. Manually releasing your neck or by therapist is therefore recommended further in proceeding sessions as the pain subsides and we go for strengthening.

Strengthening exercises is always combined with stretching exercises. Strengthening of your neck muscle with the isometrics in all four directions with sufficient amount of resistance with the hand is to be done. MET is also done for weak muscles as it provides relaxation post contraction and is a type of advance stretching exercise which helps to relieve tight muscles. Strengthening exercises for upper back muscles attached to your shoulder blades are also strengthened with different type of exercises like W-Y-T, Theraband exercises. Chin tucks are also done.

Proper postural training with correct alignments of head, neck, back and legs are to be considered. Neck and Lower back support with the small pillow or chair modifications are essential for the maintenance of your curve. Foot needs to be rested on ground or short heighted people can use foot stools. Top notch of the computer screen should remain just in front of your eyes and everything like your essentials example water bottle, mouse, and notepad should be kept at your dominant side of hand in order to avoid any unnecessary bending of neck and back. Forearm should remain parallel to the ground when using keyboard. Standing and walking around is always recommended after every 45 minutes in order to avoid prolonged straining on neck. Self-stretching in between are usually prescribed to the patients.

Other postural habits that hold an importance are; giving equal weights on both sides, correct use of pillow while lying down is to keep your pillow starting from your shoulder blades to your head rather just keeping it under your neck which can increase your pain. Avoid pinning your phone between your shoulder and ear while multitasking.

Maintenance of such posture and all the exercises done on regular basis plays the most crucial role in the neck pain as if the patient starts ignoring all these norms once the pain subsides it will definitely reoccur. So consistency and discipline is must to maintain your neck muscle strength in a healthy condition.

At Dynafisio, we provide the consultation and treatment to our clients dealing with pain due poor posture problems, in the most efficient way. That is why, we are considered as the best physiotherapy clinic in Gurgaon. We understand the health issues our clients are facing and provide them with the best suitable treatments that can lead to a healthy lifestyle.

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