CHRONIC BACK PAIN – Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

Back pain is the commonest condition affecting the working ability at home or workplace worldwide. It is because of its complex composition of bones, muscles, ligaments, disc and spinal nerve roots. Therefore it enables us to bend in several directions and bear whole body weight. Any problems or misalignment with any of these structures leads to back pain.

What symptoms you may notice?

You may experience pain anywhere in the back or it may even spread to your buttock, thigh or leg depending on the nerve root involvement. This pain may vary like it can be stabbing, sharp, shooting, or burning pain. Any activities like bending, twisting, walking, sitting, lying or moving your spine can give you discomfort or pain. 

Some of the back pain usually resolves with time within few weeks if not you may need to see a doctor in such conditions:

  • Persist for longer period more than 3 weeks
  • Swelling and tenderness over low back
  • Radiates down to your leg
  • Sharp shooting or burning pain in your leg
  • Weakness, numbness or tingling in any part of your buttocks, thigh or leg
  • Pain getting worsen while lying
  • Morning stiffness is a sign of inflammatory condition
  • Sudden weight loss

What causes chronic Back Pain?

Most chronic back pain are associated with some underlying cause which your doctor can either identify by physical findings, Special tests or radiographic findings like X-Ray, MRI.

Strain/ Sprain – It is due to the abnormal muscle tension in your muscles or ligaments which often gets pulled in the persons leading a sedentary lifestyle,  after a fall, lifting heavy objects abruptly, bending or twisting which can pull your muscle abruptly due to the sudden jerk.

Disc Bulge – Disc is present between each of your vertebrae acting like a cushion to avoid any friction between the two vertebrae. If any of the segment of disc gets prolapsed or bulges out it may cause frictional forces within the two ends of vertebrae resulting in your back pain. This disc bulge can also compress your sciatic nerve and cause Sciatica like pain radiating to your leg. 

Sciatica – It may be due disc bulge or it may also be due to Piriformis muscle tightness compressing your nerve in many of the young age group. You may experience burning shooting pain in buttock, thigh or leg. It can also give you numbness or tingling sensation in your leg.

Scoliosis – It is the abnormal curvature of the spine i.e. the spine sometimes gets curved to one side due to structural or non-structural causes resulting in back pain. It can be cured conservatively if it is structural.

Degeneration of Spine – Any age related osteoarthritis or osteoporosis may also lead to back pain due to insufficiency of bearing load on back. Any arthritic changes in spine may also lead to Spinal cord narrowing which can cause neural symptoms affecting your low back. 

Infection or Inflammation – Any condition like Tb Spine or other infections can also result in Chronic back pain persisting for longer period of time. It usually presents with fever, tenderness or unexplained weight loss.

Other causes – Any other cause like conditions related to kidney problem, tumor in spine, Fibromyalgia or abdominal issues can also lead to chronic back pain.

Chronic Back Pain Treatment

Most of the back pain can be treated with conservative management and medical management. 

Medical treatment – It can be treated with NSAIDs, Cortisone injections or botox flushes o reduce inflammations and pain. Muscle spasm can also treated with Muscle relaxants if causing a lot trouble even while sleeping. 

Physiotherapy Management

  • Hot compression or ice packs can help reduce the inflammation.
  • Rest to the spine must be given in certain conditions when advised as in Disc bulge or muscle tension.
  • Deep tissue massage help reduce the spasm and inflammation and reduce the pain
  • Traction is applied for decompressing the nerve root or distracting the bony segments for temporary relief so that the further treatment can be given.
  • Stretching exercises for the lower limb and back muscles are given accordingly to relieve with the pressure.
  • Strengthening exercises are must to be combined with the stretching exercises to create a muscular balance between the spinal alignments and to provide the necessary load to the muscles.
  • Cupping therapy is a new physiotherapy technique used for certain conditions.
  • Dry needling is also used to get rid of trigger points at lower back muscles or Piriformis muscle.
  • Electrotherapy modalities like US, TENS, IFT are also used to relieve pain.

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